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Tricky Trix is a small, easy to use application for Windows which offers a wide range of features. It provides an intuitive interface for a quick and easy operation of your computer.You can install or unpackage the application with just three clicks and start working with it in just a few minutes. You can also open the configuration window and quickly adjust all options.Main features:• Fast and easy to use• Includes a lot of useful tools• Portable and fun to use• Offers you a complete look of the computer• Works with a lot of systems• Allows you to shut down your computer• Fast and easy to useNote that this application is not associated with the Google, Wikipedia, Vertex42, WordPress, and other web entities. It only provides you with tools to examine, search and copy data from your computer. You can install the licensed version of the application via the official website.All done. Be careful what you put in the post. I have a tendency to write about things I’ve been playing for a little while in my software reviews. I must have been halfway through this one when I launched it.I’m rather impressed with BigPond currently. They’ve got some of the best prices I’ve come across for SD card units and are pretty good at refunds (if need be).I’ve also been impressed with their virtual mailboxes, something I use. They’re like a separate email program that you can have on your desktop and on your phone. It’s very useful. And the feature, or lack thereof, that’s making this review 10/10 is that you have no choice as to what email provider you use. They give you the option of using a service they offer, but there is no way to access your mail elsewhere. They offer a free version (e.g. no attachments), but if you want to use Google’s mail service they want $6.95 per month.Basically, if you want unlimited storage on a network that has a decent Internet connection, it is well worth paying BigPond.To summarise: if you want unlimited storage, that comes with real time mail forwarding and synching of email with your contacts from different email providers, BigPond is not what you’re looking for.However, if you want cheap storage and the ability to create virtual mailboxes, you should consider it 08929e5ed8

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